How to Fix Email…With Science!

Email isn’t broken–it’s people who are the problem. Yet we’ve not ditched it even though we are now listening for the pings of Slack and Teams too. Here’s a simple technique for reducing inbox dread. Read more. 

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9 Behaviors That Make Effective Leaders 

Every so often Google’s employees answer a 13-point questionnaire regarding their manager’s performance. The questionnaire’s contents reveal, according the Google’s research, reveals what makes effective leadership. Read more.

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The Death of the Open Rate

You may have heard that the Open Rate is dead. That may actually be true. Twenty-First Digital has compiled the important details dueling the frenzy and cuts through the noise for you. Read more.

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A Future Without Cookies

Ultimately, the sweeping changes to cookie policies and implementations mean that businesses will need to rely more on first-party cookies for data. Read more.

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For the People, by the People

Natalie Paschall of Twenty-First Digital has some sage advise for publishers. She says there is an underused value that a human can bring to your brand. Paschall calls for publishers to humanize their editors. Here’s how. Read more.

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