CRMA Digital Data Survey

CRMA has partnered with Twenty-First Digital to produce a survey that will gather information on the digital standards across the CRMA membership. Similar to the financial standards survey, the digital data survey will collect and report on the top digital key performance indicators, segmented by publication or region size.

In addition to setting standards across the CRMA for performance in key metrics, it will also set a standard of metrics that should be monitored at the publisher level and tell the story of digital health. The survey will entail 40 questions relating to website, email, social, sales, and search performance and technology. Additionally, the survey will leverage a depth of knowledge on social media growth trends across the CRMA membership.

Click below to access the Digital Data Survey (DDS) including a glossary of terms and examples of data to enter to make it easy to complete accurately.  The results will be aggregated and presented by Twenty First Digital in a webinar and a workshop that is planned at the 2020 CRMA Winter Publishers Retreat.

Keep progressing with the “next” button until you get to the final “submit” button on the survey.

Need help finding the data to input? Watch the Digital Data Survey webinar by Twenty First Digital for details on how to locate and calculate your data.

Watch the Digital Data Survey Results webinar by Twenty First Digital (12-19-2019)

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