Universal Subscription Services, LLC

Universal Subscription Services, LLC is uniquely positioned to lend valuable resources in today’s subscription, distribution, and e-commerce community.  Our goal is simple:  Building stronger Digital/Print circulation/distribution, improving subscriber demographics with a variety of sources/offers (paid, opt-in, sponsored paid or verified, and email marketing), and increasing your advertising revenue.  The bottom line is increased exposure and profitability.

Through unmatched programs and marketing skills, exceptionally experienced management, and unbeatable customer support and service, Universal Subscription Services is often considered the dominant and go-to source for magazine publishers seeking:

• High-quality Individually Paid (digital and print) magazine subscribers.
• Demographically targeted “Requester” programs custom tailored to our
publisher clients’ needs.

• Brides-to-be / newly engaged (up to 24 months out) – Targeted Distribution and Requester programs.
• Partnership and Sponsored Paid demographically targeted magazine
• High visibility market Distribution Points (Airlines, Hotels and Retail)

P.O. Box 256
Manahawkin, NJ 08050
(732) 801-5731

Mike Quilio
Email:  MQUILIO@universalsubs.com
website: www.UniversalSubs.com