About MRI-Simmons

For over 60 years, MRI-Simmons has been the leading provider of insights on the American consumer. Our data offers agency, media, and advertiser clients the best in research and technology with the highest quality data, the strongest strategic partnerships, the most innovative digital platforms, and intuitive, easy-to-use visual reporting.

The MRI-Simmons USA Study® – which has maintained MRC accreditation for over 20 years – is used in the majority of US media and marketing plans and has long been the industry standard for magazine audience ratings. With MRI-Simmons’ custom online Magazine Media Brand Studies, media content providers (magazine publishers, websites, etc.) can get a deeper understanding of their most important audiences and what drives them. Our Magazine Media Brand Studies can give you a comprehensive picture of your readers’ key demographics, purchase behaviors, and attitudes – across all your channels: Print, Website, E-newsletters, Social media, and Events.

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