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Richmond, Virginia 23219

Phone: (804) 343-7539

Virginia Living celebrates all things Virginia from its people and places, to its deep history and traditions. The highest quality, most-widely read lifestyle magazine in the state, Virginia Living’s combination of smart, engaging stories and stunning photography and art makes it a must-read for anyone interested in the Commonwealth. Publisher John-Lawrence Smith conceived of Virginia Living while relaxing with his dog Cutty on the James River one beautiful June day in 2002, and the premiere issue was published on October 31, 2002. The glossy, upscale lifestyle magazine has been a big hit in the state, with a readership of over 500,000. Virginia Living publishes six bimonthly issues per year, plus five ancillary issues:  Weddings, House+Garden, Best of Virginia, Smoke & Salt, and Drink.


Publisher: John-Lawrence Smith, 804-343-7539,
Editor: Erin Parkhurst, 804-622-2608,
Circulation Manager: Kendra Denton, 804-622-2612,
Creative Services: Kenny Kane, 804-622-2604,
Art Director: Ann Harvey, 804-343-0779,
Advertising Sales Manager: Torrey Munford, 804-343-0782,
Parent Company: Cape Fear Publishing Co. Inc.
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Ads-Local-Color: full page – $5,990
Ads – National – Color: full page – $5,990
Median Age: 46 years
Average Household Income: $250,000
Subscription Price: $24/year
Circulation: 25,000
Cover Price: $5.95
Other Publications: Weddings, House+Garden, Best of Virginia, Smoke & Salt, and Drink