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About D Magazine

750 N. St. Paul St, Ste. 2100
Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: 214-939-3636
Fax: 214-748-4579
Email: rachel@dmagazine.com
Website: www.dmagazine.com

D Magazine was created to serve the leadership class of Dallas by giving authoritative recommendations, telling stories that connect people to their community, and providing information to help them make the most out of living in Dallas/Fort Worth. With an average household income of $340,016, D Magazine’s audience is affluent, educated and highly influential.


President: Gillea Allison, 214-939-3636, gillea.allison@dmagazine.com
Marketing Director: Gigi Ekstrom, 214-939-3636, gigi.ekstrom@dmagazine.com
Production Director: John Gay, 214-939-3636 x211, john.gay@dmagazine.com

Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief: Christine Allison, 214-939-3636, christinea@dmagazine.com

Parent Company: D Magazine Partners, Inc.
Frequency: Monthly
Audit: CVC
Ads-Local-Color: $10,950 (full page, ROB, 4-color)
Median Age: 54.3
Average Household Income: $340,016
Subscription Price: $19.95
Circulation: 59,658+
Cover Price: $5.99