1314 Cobb Lane
Birmingham , Alabama 35205

Phone: (205) 202-4182 Fax: 205-876-8231
Email: joe@b-metro.com
Website: www.b-metro.com

B-Metro is a monthly city magazine in Birmingham, Alabama focused on people, city living, food, and trends in art, business, culture, economics and society. Paired with a dynamic web site and social media efforts, B-Metro is a new kind of magazine for a young, hip audience that is energized about life in Birmingham.

Editor/Publisher Joe ODonnell, 205-427-6583, joe@b-metro.com

Assoc. Publisher Cathy Fingerman, 205-202-4182, Cathy@b-metro.com

Sales Associate Gail Kidd, 205-202-4182, gail@b-metro.com

Creative Director Robin Colter, 205-202-4182, robin@b-metro.com

Digital Media Director Lauren Lockhart, 205-202-4182, lauren@b-metro.com

Sales Associate Joni Ayers, 205-202-4182, joni@b-metro.com

Parent Company: Fergus Media
Frequency: 12 times
Audit: CVC Ads-Local-Color: $2,200
Ads - National - Color: $2,200
Median Age: 43
Average Household Income: $130,000
Subscription Price: $12
Circulation: 18,500
Cover Price: $4.95