Associate Member Site Impact’s Offers Email Marketing to Enhance Magazine Advertising

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In today’s digital landscape, offering various products to your advertisers is crucial to the growth of the media buying and advertising industry. Site Impact’s Private Label Email Marketing solutions have been powering major media and magazine companies for more than 10 years with a purpose to create a targeted and trackable solution to increase advertising revenue. Here is why Email Marketing is the perfect complement to print advertising.

Advertisers AND Magazines want to keep costs down and ROI high. With access to Site Impact’s unheard-of wholesale pricing, Email Marketing is a cost-effective way to increase your ad sales. By educating your advertisers and familiarizing them with all the possibilities of Email Marketing, more advertisers will to open their wallets and sign on for the great exposure your magazine provides.

Print Advertisers want to stay relevant. “The biggest challenge facing today’s media companies and advertisers is how they will expand their capabilities to offer email marketing and digital marketing services without the infrastructure,” says Brandon Rosen, Site Impact’s CEO. “Email Marketing is an essential part of any modern marketing package. By utilizing one or two full-service sources, media companies and advertisers add great value to their business.”

Advertisers want trackable results. Unless you are driving readers back to your website or storefront with a promotional code, your print ad is not trackable. Providing metrics to your advertisers gives them the reassurance that their marketing dollars are well spent and the ability to properly plan future campaigns. Luckily, Site Impact has created a Real-Time Tracking Platform, providing the opportunity to see view results from a campaign and assess your best and weakest performing links within your email in real-time.

Free Test for CRMA Members. Schedule a demo and receive a FREE 50,000 targeted email campaign deployment. Simply meet with your advertiser, find out who they want to target and Site Impact will run a count, deploy the campaign and give you real-time tracking to send your advertiser.

Site Impact’s Private Label Email Marketing services give clients the opportunity to gain an entire digital marketing and production team at their fingertips as well as access to one of the largest, most ‘hygienic’ databases in the marketplace, competitive wholesale pricing, real-time reporting as well as custom API’s and integrations. For more information and to set up a demo call Brandon Rosen, CEO at 561-685-8991 or e-mail: