Meet the CRMA Associate Member: Roosevelt Paper Company

As a generic supplier of printing papers Roosevelt Paper Company can offer a considerable savings to those CRMA members who currently purchase their paper for their publications. For those who currently allow their printer to supply their paper, Roosevelt Paper Company can demonstrate how controlling your paper is beneficial.

Dean Eagan, Roosevelt Paper Company vice president of sales says, ”Our business was developed 90 years ago and the model is still the same. We purchase paper in an opportunistic manner and pass the savings on to the customer.”

Eagan explains that over time, Roosevelt Paper Company has developed tremendous relationships with their sources and provides a great service to them. This allows Roosevelt to benefit their customers with both pricing and great service.

Furthermore, technology has helped Roosevelt in getting real time accurate forecasts from their sources. In addition, they have added $3 million worth of converting equipment in the past 16 months that will allow them to better service their present and future client base.