Frequently Asked Questions about CRMA

What is the City and Regional Magazine Association?

CRMA is a trade association of the general interest, consumer magazines in North American published on a city or regional basis. The association was created in 1978 to provide city and regional magazines with a vehicle to facilitate professional development and training opportunities for member magazine staff and to provide opportunities to exchange information and ideas among their colleagues. Through its programs and policies, CRMA sets the standards for the “Best of the Best” in local and regional magazine publishing. Membership in CRMA is only available to those magazines which meet and adhere to adopted publishing standards designed to assure quality publications respected by their readers, advertisers and the industry.

How will joining CRMA improve my magazine?

CRMA is dedicated to the success of its member magazines. CRMA provides access to the information and tools you need to achieve that success. Long-time members will tell you… The number-one reason to join CRMA is to have access to the networking opportunities it provides for members to interact with each other on all aspects of their business. From the very largest, to the smallest and from the oldest to the newest among CRMA members, everyone can learn from others who are engaged in trying to meet the same challenges you are. You don’t have to start from scratch… whether at conferences, roundtables, through the list serve or promotion exchange, CRMA gives you the vehicle to learn from what others have done before you

What are the specific benefits of joining CRMA?

Membership benefits include:

  • a financial standards and performance survey with customized comparisons of each magazine to the total sample;
  • an active advertising sales network assisting members to market ads in multiple markets;
  • a nationally recognized editorial and design awards competition managed on CRMA’s behalf by the University of Missouri School of Journalism
  • a national list sales program, marketing of the combined reader lists of participating member magazines, with 90% of fees earned returned to the members;
  • active list serve e-mail program serving each of the major magazine departments providing access to colleagues nationwide to consult on questions, issues, problems or ideas that arise
  • an annual group subscriber research survey offering individualized and national questions at cost savings of $4,000-5,000 per magazine;
  • a quarterly exchange of members’ advertising and circulation promotional materials and more
  • a national conference for key staff organized along departmental and functional lines offering 3 days of educational sessions on all aspects of magazine operations and an exhibit show that showcases leading vendors and their products and services
  • two publishers roundtable meetings each year where key management topics and concerns can be addressed on a more intimate basis involving executive level participants

What are the requirements for magazine membership?

Generally, to be eligible for membership a magazine must be focused on general interest topics covering a local or regional area. The publication must have or be in the process of completing a circulation audit, and the publication must be primarily distributed through the mail or through newsstand sales. The publication should demonstrate a commitment to editorial independent of advertiser interests. See the CRMA Membership Guidelines for more specific description of these requirements.

How much does a CRMA magazine membership cost?

Magazine member dues are based on a revenue schedule where the member provides estimated revenue for the year to determine dues for the year. Dues range from a low of $1,180 for revenues under $500,000 to $7229 over $9 Million in revenue. See the membership application for the complete dues schedule.


Is there a way printers and other suppliers can be involved with CRMA?

Publishing-related companies can join as Associate Vendor Members. CRMA has Fall and Winter Publisher Roundtables and an Annual Conference where you can reach your prime demographic. Applications for this type of membership are posted on this site.