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Wednesday, October 14 
CRMA 2021 Outlook Surveyviewrecording
Publishers will meet to review the results of the CRMA 2021 Outlook Survey. The group will discuss budgeting for 2021, the assets they expect to perform best and the categories they will target to achieve revenue success in 2021. Presented by David Lipson of MetroCorp and Melissa Chowning of Twenty First Digital. 
Editorial Roundtableviewrecording
Editors meet to discuss adaptation strategies as they continue to navigate unchartered waters. Moderated by Dave Ghose of Columbus Monthly. 
Sales Roundtableviewrecording
Hear from your fellow sales people how they are maintaining relationships, selling special sections and starting conversations about 2021. Moderated by Kristen Anderson of Washingtonian Magazine, Barbara Banis of Diablo, Kieran Keating of Rhode Island Monthly, Zach Wolfel of 5280, Irene Peterson of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and Daniela Siqueiros from Tucson Lifestyle Magazine. 
Home Magazines: What’s Workingviewrecording
The home environment has taken center stage this year and helped propel home magazines to a new level. Hear from our panelists how they have seized this opportunity to engage readers and drive new revenue (including virtual design awards!) Lead by the editorial and sales leaders at D Home and Mpls.St.Paul Home. 
What City Magazine Advertisers Are Thinking, Doing, Planningviewrecording
Here’s your chance to get a sneak peek into the minds of city magazine buyers are thinking as we head into the holidays. CRMA has teamed up with advertising research firm Borrell Associates to survey local ad buyers throughout the U.S. to gain insights on what’s changed in the world of local marketing. You’ll learn how their spending habits are changing, what they’re planning over the next several months, and which forms of advertising they deem have been most effective.  Borrell’s survey — the largest in the nation — was launched in August and will run through the end of October, so this truly is a sneak peek!  Presenters are Corey Elliott, SVP of Local Market Intelligence, and Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates. 
Managing Bias Workshopviewrecording
Everyone has biases – it is a natural attribute of being human. Unconscious biases are stereotypes and attitudes about certain groups of people we form outside of our own conscious awareness – they often don’t align with our declared beliefs. Through reflection and discussion, anyone can enhance awareness of these biases and learn how to manage them. This Zoom discussion will include an understanding of cognitive biases that often happen without our own awareness, an understanding of micro-aggressions and how to counter them with micro- affirmations along with some sound practices to break bias when hiring, developing and in day to day interactions with colleagues. Presenter/Facilitator, Gary Cormier Director of HR Consulting at Harvard University. 
Thursday, October 15 
Beware the Plaque Sellers: Rights in Your Content and Protection From Unauthorized Useviewrecording
Under US copyright laws, your publication has exclusive rights to publish and distribute its content; it has, near exclusive rights to use the name of the publication under trademark law.  Learn how others are using your name and content to directly compete with you and how you can stop them and be compensated. Jim Astrachan is a lawyer with Astrachan Gunst Thomas, P.C. in Baltimore, licensed in MD, PA and DC. He has engaged in numerous copyright and trademark cases against those who would take a publication’s content and use it to compete.  
Designers Roundtableviewrecording
Designers meet up to discuss the latest designs and strategies for producing great design in 2020 including “what inspires you?” discussions. Moderated by Tom White of St. Louis Magazine. 
Audience Development Roundtableviewrecording
With newsstand and waiting room copies compromised, hear how audience developers are finding new ways to reach and engage readers. Moderated by Melissa Chowning of Twenty First Digital. 
Marketing & Events Virtual Showsviewrecording
Hear how marketing and event directors have adapted to roll out stellar virtual and hybrid events, which platforms they like, ticket pricing and how they are engaging attendees and delivering ROI to sponsors. Panelists: Rachel Gill of D Magazine and Sherene Joseph of Washingtonian Magazine and special guest Tiffany Mattzella of Arkansas Business Publishing Group. 
Best Practices for Digital Editorsviewrecording
In this session, we will explore how to grow your digital audience channels and increase engagement on your websites, newsletters, and social media. Editors will share their secrets on a variety of topics like SEO, social strategy, getting more from analytics, working with the sales teams, and more.  Panelists include Sabrina Sucato of Hudson Valley Magazine, Matt Goodman of D Magazine, Erin Skarda of 5280 Magainze. Moderated by Mike Martinelli of Today Media. 
7 New Sales Strategies To Sell Through and Beyond COVIDviewrecording
Local media sales has become a frontier of frustration, delay, and objections.  30-year ad sales coach Ryan Dohrn shares the 7 strategies many local media sellers are using to stay afloat.  Ryan will share how to use category data to identify new prospects.  Then, how to research in new ways to connect with fresh ideas.  And, new online sales tools to better engage. 
Best Ideasviewrecording
The most popular session of every meeting, be inspired and download the Fall Best Ideas Book at this session. 

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