2019 National City and Regional Magazine Awards Finalists

Congratulations to the 2019 National City & Regional Magazine Awards Finalists!


March 13, 2019



2019 National City and Regional Magazine Awards Finalists

Magazine professionals from around the country chose 175 finalists representing 32 publications in the 34-year-old City and Regional Magazine Association’s national awards competition. Magazines of varying circulations competed in 35 categories, including editorial, design, online, multiplatform storytelling and general excellence. Judges named five finalists in each category and will soon choose one ultimate winner in each. The winners for work completed in 2018 will be announced at CRMA’s 43rd Annual Conference to take place May 18-20, 2019 at the Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot in Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

Topping the list with double-digit finalist selections were 5280 (Denver), Baltimore Magazine, Boston Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine and Texas Monthly. Magazines with seven or more selections include Portland Monthly, Seattle Met and Yankee Magazine. D Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly and St. Louis Magazine received six finalist selections while Houstonia, Sonoma Magazine and Washingtonian each received five.

Cleveland Magazine, Columbus Monthly and Mpls.St.Paul Magazine each received four finalist selections and Milwaukee Magazine three. Walking away with two finalist selections were Down East: The Magazine of Maine and Rhode Island Monthly. Charlotte Magazine, Greenwich Magazine, Honolulu Magazine, Louisville Magazine, Marin Magazine, New Jersey Monthly, Omaha Magazine, Palm Springs Life, Sactown Magazine, San Antonio Magazine and San Diego Magazine each had one finalist.

This year’s finalists covered topics such as:

  • New England’s opioid epidemic
  • Staggering eviction rates in low-income neighborhoods
  • The triumphs and struggles of an iconic TV news anchor
  • Internet hysteria surrounding a political T-shirt
  • Police accountability in small-town America
  • Regulatory leniency for a billionaire casino owner
  • Boatbuilding in Chesapeake Bay
  • Decadent pastrami sandwiches


Other contenders focused on an outspoken NRA figurehead, a freight train-jumping author and an iconic drive along Maine’s Route 1.

More than 100 judges selected the finalists. They included representatives from publications and media outlets including AARP the Magazine, Advertising Age, Allure, The Atavist Magazine, The Atlantic, Better Homes & Gardens, CityLab, Consumer Reports, Discover Magazine, ESPN The Magazine, Farm & Ranch Living, Fast Company, Food Network Magazine, Food & Wine, Forbes, Fortune, Garden & Gun, GQ, Harvard Business Review, Houston Press, IEEE Spectrum, Inc. Magazine, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Midwest Living, Milwaukee Business Journal, Missouri Life, National Geographic, The New York Times, Outside Living, Oxford American, Popular Mechanics, Rachael Ray Every Day, Runner’s World, Saveur, Southern Living, Sports Illustrated, Successful Farming, Time, This Old House, Voice Media Group and The Washington Post, as well as journalism professors from the Missouri School of Journalism.

The competition is open to members of CRMA. The national competition has been in existence for 34 years and has been coordinated by the University of Missouri School of Journalism on behalf of CRMA for the past 23 years.

The categories and finalists are:



Boston Magazine                                 “Gone but Not Deleted” (Luke O’Neil)

Chicago Magazine                               “My Father, The Stranger” (Bryan Smith)

Texas Monthly                                      “Mom, In Touch” (Abby Johnston)

Yankee Magazine                                 “Corn Season” (Rebecca Tuttle)

Yankee Magazine                                 “Searching for Alexander” (Geoffrey Douglas)


Food or Dining Writing

Boston Magazine                                 (Jolyon Helterman)

“Mooncusser Fish House”

“Eventide Fenway”

“The Table at Season to Taste”


Chicago Magazine                               (Jeff Ruby)

“The New Standard”

“Bad Frequency”

“Eternal Sunshine”


Houstonia                                            (Scott Vogel)

“Food for Thought”

“Going Green”

“Two Tales, One City”


Mpls.St.Paul Magazine                    (Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl)

“The Long Way Home”

“TV Dinner”

“Hansel and Shtetl”


Philadelphia Magazine                       (Jason Sheehan)

“An Effortless Cool”

“Twenty Years Later”

“For the Love of the Game”


Herb Lipson Award for Column Excellence

5280 (Denver)                                     (Martin J. Smith)

“Subaru Cowboy”

“The Big Tent”

“Wild Thing”


Houstonia                                            (Catherine Matusow)

“A Dedication”

“The Accidental Tree”

“A Guest Columnist”


Indianapolis Monthly                           (Philip Gulley)

“Flagging Ideals”

“Joy Rides”

“Nailed It”


Philadelphia Magazine                          (Sandy Hingston)

“Alexa. That Bitch.”

“Hair Piece”

“The White Stuff”


Portland Monthly                                 (Karen Brooks)

“Prediction: Sammich Will Win This Year’s World Series of Pastrami”

“Portland’s Real Deal Farm-to-Table Cooking is Hiding in a Downtown Wine Shop”

“The Wine Dive Bar Changing the Way Portland Drinks”



5280 (Denver)                                     “13 Bravo” (Kasey Cordell)

Boston Magazine                                 “The Will to Wynn” (Michael Damiano)

Houstonia                                            “A Shell of Itself” (Gwendolyn Knapp)

Texas Monthly                                      “The Girl Who Told the Truth” (Michael Hall)

Yankee Magazine                                 “Port in a Storm” (Ian Aldrich)


Profile (Circulation less than 60,000)

D Magazine                                         “The Rogue Shepherd” (Kathy Wise)

Greenwich Magazine                         “Eye of the Beholder” (Timothy Dumas)

Sactown Magazine                             “The Curious Case of William T. Vollmann” (Hillary Louise Johnson)

Seattle Met                                           “Darren Berg Has Always Been on the Run” (Ciara O’Rourke)

St. Louis Magazine                             “The Making of Dana Loesch” (Jeannette Cooperman)


Profile (Circulation more than 60,000)

Boston Magazine                                 “Husbands and Lies” (Simon van Zuylen-Wood)

Chicago Magazine                               “The Anchor” (Bryan Smith)

Philadelphia Magazine                       “The Hard Days of a Celebrity Chef” (Steve Volk)

Texas Monthly                                      “What Makes Beto Run?” (Eric Benson)

Yankee Magazine                                 “The Sentinel” (Richard Conniff)


Feature Story (Circulation less than 60,000)

Baltimore Magazine                             “The Shape of Water” (Lydia Woolever)

Cleveland Magazine                             “The Misfortune Teller” (James Bigley II)

Columbus Monthly                               “Seeking Sanctuary” (Suzanne Goldsmith)

Seattle Met                                              “A Rumor in Madrona” (James Ross Gardner)

Sonoma Magazine                               “October Inferno” (Julie Johnson)


Feature Story (Circulation more than 60,000)

Texas Monthly                                      “Schlitterbahn’s Tragic Slide” (Skip Hollandsworth)

Texas Monthly                                      “Springtime in the Age of Hysteria” (Mimi Swartz)

Texas Monthly                                      “The Cartel Next Door” (Michael J. Mooney)

Yankee Magazine                                 “Rising Seas” (Howard Mansfield)

Yankee Magazine                                 “The Town That Refused to Die” (Mel Allen)



Writer of the Year

Boston Magazine                                 Michael Damiano

Philadelphia Magazine                      Sandy Hingston

Philadelphia Magazine                      Robert Huber

St. Louis Magazine                              Jeannette Cooperman

Texas Monthly                                      Eric Benson


Excellence in Writing

5280 (Denver)                                     October

Boston Magazine                                May

Chicago Magazine                              May

Portland Monthly                               January

Texas Monthly                                     July


Spread Design (Circulation less than 60,000)

Baltimore Magazine                             “Fancy Footwork” (Amanda White-Iseli, Mike Morgan, Jon Timian)

Baltimore Magazine                             “The Great Mancini” (Amanda White-Iseli, Mike Morgan, Jon Timian, Tobias Saul)

Baltimore Magazine                             “The Reign of Spain” (Amanda White-Iseli, Danielle Dernoga, Justin Tsucalas, Jon Timian)

Portland Monthly                                 “The Doomed Quaker Sex Cult of Tiger Island” (Amy Martin)

St. Louis Magazine                               “The Making of Dana Loesch” (Tom White)


Spread Design (Circulation more than 60,000)

5280 (Denver)                                     “Deep & Wide” (Dave McKenna)

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine                      “Nice Catch!” (Kim Jackson & Michael Norseng)

Philadelphia Magazine                       “Can Temple Find Its Way?” (Alyse Moyer & Jamie Leary)

Philadelphia Magazine                        “Sunk” (Jamie Leary)

Texas Monthly                                      “Schlitterbahn’s Tragic Slide” (Emily Kimbro, Jeff Wilson, Will Herwig)


Feature Design (Circulation less than 60,000)

Baltimore Magazine                             “The Shape of Water” (Amanda White-Iseli, Justin Tsucalas, Jon Timian)

Baltimore Magazine                             “Let’s Do Brunch” (Amanda White-Iseli, Scott Suchman, Danielle Dernoga, Jon Timian)

Portland Monthly                                 “High Country: The Discerning Adult’s Guide to Portland Cannabis” (Michael Novak)

Portland Monthly                                 “Insider’s Guide to the Outside” (Michael Novak)

St. Louis Magazine                               “The Best Doughnuts in St. Louis” (Tom White & Kevin A. Roberts)


Feature Design (Circulation more than 60,000)

5280 (Denver)                                     “High Spirits” (Dave McKenna)

5280 (Denver)                                     “Survival of the Readiest” (Dave McKenna)

Boston Magazine                                 “Everything New Under the Bun” (Benjamen Purvis & Toan Trinh)

New Jersey Monthly                           “Fall Day Trips” (Laura Baer)

Texas Monthly                                      “Off the Grid” (Victoria Millner, Nick Simonite, Trevor Paulhus, Matthew Johnson, Elsa Jenna, Lan Truong, Justin Clemons)



5280 (Denver)                                      “Make It Snow” (Benjamin Rasmussen)

Chicago Magazine                               “The Tools Chefs Use” (Ryan Segedi)

Sonoma Magazine                               “Broken” (Erik Castro)

Sonoma Magazine                               “River of Dreams” (Ron Koeberer)

Yankee Magazine                                 “The Last of the Hill Farms” (Richard W. Brown)


Illustration and Graphics

5280 (Denver)                                     “Buzzed” (December)

                                                                 “The 5280 Holiday Survival Guide” (December)

“The Truth About Our Work-Life Balance” (April)

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine                       “The Franchise” (August)

“Get In the Ring” (October)

“The Governator” (October)


Portland Monthly                                 “How (Not) to Order a Drink” (September)

“Parent Trap” (September)

“Cult Hit” (December)


Texas Monthly                                      “Dallas at 40” (October)

“The Cartel Next Door” (October)

“Bumsteer Awards” (January)


Yankee Magazine                                 “Our Land, Our Sea, Our Future” (March)

“Searching for Alexander” (July)

“How to Give a Guided Tour” (July)


Cover Excellence

5280 (Denver)                                     January, May, November

Cleveland Magazine                             May, June, December

Palm Springs Life                                January, April, June

Seattle Met                                           July, August, November

Texas Monthly                                      March, April, November


Designer of the Year

5280 (Denver)                                     Dave McKenna

Portland Monthly                                 Michael Novak

St. Louis Magazine                               Tom White

Texas Monthly                                      Jenn Hair

Washingtonian                                     Jason Lancaster


Excellence in Design

5280 (Denver)                                     October

Indianapolis Monthly                        September

Portland Monthly                               September

Texas Monthly                                     August

Washingtonian                                    May


Magazine Section

Chicago Magazine                               “Found” (November & December)

Indianapolis Monthly                         “Circle City” (July & August)

Indianapolis Monthly                         “Good Life” (January & February)

Philadelphia Magazine                       “Navigator” (April & May)

Seattle Met                                             “Currents” (January & February)


Reader Service

5280 (Denver)                                     “The Art of Dying Well” (Lindsey B. Koehler & Kasey Cordell)

Chicago Magazine                               “Urban Farming” (Matt Pollock, Patty Wetli, Jason Little, Vidhya Nagarajan, Kathy Shady, David McAninch, Sage Reed)

Cleveland Magazine                             “Best Doctors” (Staff)

Houstonia Magazine                            “60 Ways to Love Houston” (Dianna Wray, Abby Ledoux, Laura Furr Mericas, Monica Fuentes, Morgan Kinney, Gwendolyn Knapp, Nicki Koetting)

Washingtonian                                     “The Golden Age of Grocery Shopping” (Rob Brunner, Sherri Dalphonse, Jason Lancaster, Anna Savvidis)


Leisure/Lifestyle Interests

5280 (Denver)                                     “Off-the-Grid Getaways” (Lindsey B. Koehler)

Philadelphia Magazine                      “Are You Smarter Than the Average Philadelphian?” (Brian Howard, Jamie Leary, Sandy Hingston, Tom McGrath)

Philadelphia Magazine                      “Remember That Time We Won the Super Bowl?” (Brian Howard, Jamie Leary, Sandy Hingston, Tom McGrath)

Rhode Island Monthly                        “The Art Buyer’s Guide to Rhode Island” (Casey Nilsson & Doreen Chisnell)

Seattle Met                                           “The New Rules of the Great Outdoors” (Allison Williams)


Food or Dining Feature Package

Baltimore Magazine                             “How to Throw the Perfect Crab Feast” (Jane Marion, Lydia Woolever, Lauren Cohen,                                                         Jess Mayhugh)

Indianapolis Monthly                           “25 Best Restaurants” (Julia Spalding, Summer Daily, Terry Kirts, Suzanne Krowiak,

Amy Lynch)

Milwaukee Magazine                            “Eat Like a Wisconsinite” (Ann Christenson, Adam Ryan Morris, Rachel Stinebring)

Philadelphia Magazine                        “The Cheesesteak, Reconsidered” (Ashley Primis, Alex Tewfik, Jason Sheehan, Jamie Leary, David Murrell, Sandy Hingston)

Seattle Met                                           “The Complete Revised Guide to Pike Place Market” (Allecia Vermillion, Rosin Saez, Stefan Milne, Allison Williams, Jessica Voelker)


Civic Journalism

5280 (Denver)                                     “Small-Town Injustice” (Robert Sanchez)

Baltimore Magazine                           “Can H-Town Kick Its Habit?” (Ron Cassie & Lauren LaRocca)

Boston Magazine                                 “Is It All Right to Kill a Bicyclist in Boston?” (Chris Sweeney & Chris Vogel)

Louisville Magazine                            “Evicted in Louisville” (Anne Marshall)

Philadelphia Magazine                       “The Looming DROP Apocalypse” (Brian Howard, Ralph Cipriano, Alyse Moyer, Jamie Leary)


Special Issue

Baltimore Magazine                             “The (Every) Body Issue”

Chicago Magazine                               “Hidden City”

Down East: The Magazine of Maine     “Route 1 Road Trip”

Philadelphia Magazine                        “One Day In the Life of Philly”

Texas Monthly                                      “The Power Issue”


Ancillary: Home/Shelter

5280 (Denver)                                     Home (February/March)

D Magazine                                         Home (November/December)

Down East: The Magazine of Maine     Maine Homes (Winter)

Marin Magazine                                   Spaces (Summer/Fall)

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine                       Home & Design (September)


Ancillary: Weddings

Columbus Monthly                               Weddings (Fall/Winter)

D Magazine                                            Weddings (Fall/Winter)

Milwaukee Magazine                           Weddings (Winter)

Philadelphia Magazine                       Wedding (Summer/Fall)

Washingtonian                                      Bride & Groom (Winter/Spring)




Ancillary: General Interest

Columbus Monthly                             Health

D Magazine                                         CEO (November)

Houstonia                                            The Newcomer’s Guide to Houston

Philadelphia Magazine                     Be Well Philly

Seattle Met                                           Newcomer’s Guide


Excellence Online

5280 (Denver)                                     5280.com

Chicago Magazine                              chicagomag.com

Philadelphia Magazine                      phillymag.com

St. Louis Magazine                              stlmag.com

Texas Monthly                                      texasmonthly.com


Online Column

Baltimore Magazine                            “Baby On Board” (Megan Isennock)

Charlotte Magazine                              “#discussCLT” (Greg Lacour)

Chicago Magazine                               “America To Me” (Ali Barthwell)

Philadelphia Magazine                        “News & Opinion” (Ernest Owens)

San Diego Magazine                            “Everyone’s a Critic” (Dan Letchworth)



5280 (Denver)                                     The Local

Baltimore Magazine                           Arts District

Boston Magazine                                 Boston Sunday

Rhode Island Monthly                        The Dish

Sonoma Magazine                               Cork+Fork


Multiplatform Storytelling

Baltimore Magazine                            “The Shape of Water”

Chicago Magazine                               “A Second City”

Chicago Magazine                               “Inside the Vogue School”

D Magazine                                           “A Day in Dallas”

Omaha Magazine                                “Heard by God: From the Slums of Rwanda to the Halls of Creighton University”


General Excellence 1 (Circulation less than 30,000)

Cleveland Magazine

Columbus Monthly

Honolulu Magazine

San Antonio Magazine

Sonoma Magazine


General Excellence 2 (Circulation 30,000 to 60,000)

D Magazine

Indianapolis Monthly

Milwaukee Magazine

Portland Monthly

Seattle Met





General Excellence 3 (Circulation more than 60,000)

5280 (Denver)

Boston Magazine

Philadelphia Magazine

Texas Monthly



For more information, contact Contest Coordinator Kimberly Townlain, University of Missouri, 320 Lee Hills Hall, Columbia, MO 65211 (573-884-1869) or CRMA Executive Director Cate Sanderson, 287 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-515-9294).