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Troy, Michigan

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DBusiness magazine is the only independently published, general-interest business magazine in the region. It provides timely, local business intelligence and insights for business owners and decision-makers throughout metro Detroit.  DBusiness magazine’s unbiased editorial coverage cuts to the heart of complex challenges and opportunities facing today’s business owners and managers, giving readers a competitive advantage.

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Stefan Wanczyk

Phone: (248) 691-1800
E-mail: swanczyk@hourdetroit.com


John Balardo

Phone: (248) 691-1800
E-mail: jb@hourdetroit.com


RJ King

Phone: (248) 691-1800
E-mail: rjking@dbusiness.com


Type of Publication: Magazine
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Year First Published: 2006
Cover Price: $3.95
Published Annual Subscription Price: $9.95
Circulation Audit Done By: CVC
Current Circulation Audit Date: December 2015
Total Paid Circulation: n/a
Total Circulation: 25,000
Total Readers : 227,250