Associate Member Spotlight: Pugpig

72 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
State / Province: NY

Phone: (917) 5150170


Pugpig is the publishing platform behind the most exciting names in media, from Conde Nast and The Economist, to Foreign Affairs and Tortoise Media. Their SaaS platform provides you with everything you need to launch and run publishing websites and mobile apps with no effort at all. At Pugpig they take a totally different approach to product development ­– they partner with their publishers to develop our platforms together. Their goal at Pugpig is to build the platforms that will power the future of publishing.

Jonny and Hannah from the Pugpig team will be heading to Minneapolis for the CRMA conference in May, where we’ll be sharing stories of how we’ve been helping publishers maximize subscriber value and create exciting new ways of engaging with their readers. Come see them and they’ll show you how Pugpig take the tech pain out of your digital publishing!

Katie Vanneck (ex-president of the Wall Street Journal, and founder of Tortoise Media): “Pugpig are an excellent partner – they are a true extension to our team. They act as our trusted advisor on all things tech and beyond. Truly one of the team.”