Associate Member Spotlight: Localist

Address: 8484 Georgia Ave., Suite 675
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Phone: 443-451-3000


Description: Localist is an events calendar software that makes mobile responsive calendars for websites across the world.

Localist’s calendar software makes it easy for community partners and the general public to submit events, browse events by interest, share event listings all while increasing your calendar’s SEO.

Localist makes it easy for your organization to monetize on the calendar while minimizing the amount of administrative work the calendar has historically required. To date, they have powered over 5 million events.

They Provide …
Localist provides publishers tools to monetize their event calendars while minimizing the amount of administrative time spent maintaining the calendar.
“Since transitioning to Localist, traffic to our events has increased by an average of 2,500 page views per month. Staff and end users love the intuitive interface. We are now saving several hours of staff time per week by allowing users to easily enter their own events.” ­– Kathleen McGrath Web Coordinator, City of Santa Clarita.

Additional Insights
Localist understands the power of actionable data, which is why they are building state of the art reporting and predictive analysis for their customers. Outside of their native reporting tools and their Google Analytics integration, they plan to provide additional insights that will easily show the return on investment on each event for you and your partner organizations.