Veritiv Publishing & Print Management Inc., dba Graphic Communications

Graphic Communications is a premier paper distributor and print management consultancy representing a cross-section of the finest papermakers in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Established in 1979, Graphic Communications has grown from a modest paper and print broker to a thriving paper distributor with multiple locations across the country. This kind of growth is made possible through our highly experienced, top-performing industry experts.

Our passion for and commitment to printed communications drives everything we do. So, naturally, our approach isn’t transactional—it’s about using our market expertise to help you outperform your competition. So, while you’re focused on your own business, we’re working on new ways to simplify your paper and print programs.

912 Grayscroft Drive
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Phone: (704) 614-2140