Has the pace of changing technology disrupted your publication? You are not alone! Keeping up with the monstrous number of platforms and services for search engines, social media, newsletters, marketing and advertising is enough to make anyone’s head spin!

Large publishers have an entire staff & corporate-sized budget dedicated to managing the chaos. Small publishers “get by” with cookie-cutter solutions, leaving the rest of us scrambling to put together the right combination of tools and strategies, just to stay digitally relevant.

What’s the solution? You need the right partner! While there are countless numbers of WordPress hosting services, there are just a handful that focus solely on publishers. It’s nearly impossible to find someone committed to investing in authentic partnerships, while implementing customized and result-driven strategies.

With over two decades of web development experience and 17 years in the Business Journal industry, this is my true passion. I am in a unique position to fully anticipate your digital needs and provide innovative solutions and integrations that will drive your digital success! Let’s get to know each other and find out if we might be a good fit!

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