Annual Virtual Conference

May 4-5 2021, 1-5pm EST

Session Recordings

May 4, 2021


Effortless: Make it Easier to Do What Matters Most

From the New York Times Best selling author of Essentialism, Greg McKeown’s new book, Effortless, offers actionable advice for making the most essential activities the easiest ones to do, so you can achieve the results you want without burning out.

Speaker: Greg McKeown


The Art of Storytelling

Dan Barry is a New York Times columnist, author, and award-winning journalist. Join us for a candid, informal discussion with this Pulitzer Prize winning writer, as we hear his thoughts on long form journalism, the role of print media today and lessons he’s learned from his stints as a beat and an investigative reporter.

Speakers: Dan Barry, New York Times and John Palumbo (moderator)

Publishers + Editors

How to Manage Social Media Attacks on Your Brand

When a published article, advertisement or social media post triggers an online onslaught of vitriol against your brand, it’s easy to go into panic mode. These firestorms can wreak havoc in our offices, our standing in the community, brand value and more! Hear how CRMA publishers have navigated these attacks and what they have learned. We’ll discuss how to respond to both inside and outside attacks, when to pull an article or ad and learn best practices from a PR company on what to do when a viral firestorm hits and how to avoid them in the future.

Speakers: Carole Nicksin, Milwaukee Magazine, Anna Traverse, Memphis Magazine, Gina Stouffer, Lou Hammond Group

Sponsored by January Spring.

Managers/ Publishers

Managing Different Personalities (in the office and remotely)

This session helps you identify the types of people on your team and how to manage them appropriately.   Whether you are a new manager or a seasoned pro and whether your team is made up of longtime staffers or new hires, this session will guide you to be a more effective manager and mentor to your team whether in person or remotely.

Speaker: Matt Griswold, People Centric Consulting Group.

Sponsored by Circulation Verification Council.

May 5, 2021


BRAVE Leadership: Navigating From Chaos To Opportunity

How we show up today matters. It is in the words we say and how we say them, the time we take to talk to really “see” those around us. In chaos comes opportunity and as we emerge from the rubble of this past year, it is in our hands how we will move forward. We have an opportunity to make real strides and make real change in how we have been doing it. When we know better, we do better. earn how to break through fear to trust, find ways to really connect quickly in any conversation, take care of the people around you, and most importantly, be your own leader. Today, more than ever, how we show up matters.

Speaker: Jen Croneberger.

Sponsored by The Magazine Manager.

Audience Development

Audience Growth Strategies

In one of the most difficult economic periods since the Great Depression, Indianapolis Business Journal grew paid subscriptions by 38% in two years, breaking it’s all-time record set back in 2001. In this session, we will explore the modern growth philosophy, including understanding your audiences and opportunities, enhancing technology platforms, creating a winning marketing communication and acquisition strategy, developing a new client retention process, and re-imagining paywall and subscription funnels. Finally, Byron Hardie will explain how IBJ cut costs while simultaneously increasing subscription prices.

Speakers: Byron Hardie, Indianapolis Business Journal.

Sponsored by LaunchPad Media Management.


Designers Roundtable

CRMA designers roundtable discussion on design trends and a show and tell of what is inspiring them now.

Panelists: Dave McKenna, 5280, Jane Sherman, Seattle Met, Michael Novak, Portland Monthly, Tom White, St. Louis Magazine.


Practical Diversity

Considering the events of the past year many CRMA members have renewed diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. What are the practical ways in which we can achieve them if you don’t have a diverse staff or have not been able recruit diverse applicants? Hear how some members have launched initiatives to bring diversity to their pages, by creating community awareness and outreach through events, design initiatives , and more! Panelists include Kelley Lavin, Sarasota Magazine, Suzanna de Baca, DSM Magazine, Christy Young, Honolulu Magazine. Moderated by John Palumbo, Rhode Island Monthly,

Speakers: Kelley Lavin, Sarasota Magazine, Suzanna de Baca, DSM Magazine, Christi Young, Honolulu Magazine, John Palumbo (moderator)

Sponsored by People Centric Consulting Group.


Navigating the Road to Recovery with Smart Marketing Ideas + Sales Solutions
In this sales and marketing workshop, you will learn:
*How to be the most productive as work-from-home salespeople with smart time management
*How to develop new business by following a winning process
*How to accelerate the process on your own timetable
*Best practices for controlling the sales funnel
*Prospecting with a purpose
*Understanding the SOW (share of wallet) approach to build bigger deals and longer term commitments
*Becoming great at using the phone to get an appointment (especially while we work from home)
*Controlling the CNA (customer needs analysis) process
*How to deal with skeptical small business owners and “Covid economy” objections

Speaker: Darren Shapiro, SBC Broadcasting Group.

Sponsored by Ad Sales Genius.

National City & Regional Magazine Awards Ceremony