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About Distinction Magazine

150 W. Brambleton Ave.
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

Email: clay.barbour@virginiamedia.com
Website: https://distinctionva.com

Distinction is a high-end lifestyle magazine that covers Virginia and is distributed in the southeastern part of the state.


Kelly Till, Publisher, kelly.till@virginiamedia.com
Clay Barbour, Executive Editor, clay.barbour@virginiamedia.com
EJ Toudt, Creative Director, ejtoudt@virginiamedia.com
Victoria Bourne, Associate Editor, victoria.bourne@pilotonline.com
Wesley Watson, Art Director, wes.watson@virginiamedia.com
Allyson Garner, Art Director, allyson.garner@virginiamedia.com
Kelly Allman, Sales Manager, kelly.allman@virginiamedia.com

Parent Company: Virginia Media Company / Tribune Publishing
Ads-Local-Color: Yes
Ads – National – Color: Yes
Median Age: 63
Average Household Income: 107,000
Subscription Price: N/A
Circulation: 49,661
Cover Price: 5.95
Other Publications: VA Growler, Prime