Melissa Chowning Launches Twenty-First Digital, Brings on New Talent

Formerly Melissa Chowning Media, newly named Twenty-First Digital, has hired Ashley Mulder, an audience development director with over 10 years experience in city and regional publishing.

The company name change is a nod to the twenty-first floor that D Magazine occupies and where Melissa and Ashley worked together and honed their proven audience development tactics and strategies. Together, the two bring an experienced and strategic take on audience development with a combined 24 years’ experience working on more than 10 different publications.

“I’ve discovered that the need in the audience development space is far beyond what I imagined. There’s an incredible opportunity to help regional and niche media companies take their strategies to the next level.” says Melissa Chowning.

Together, Melissa and Ashley have developed a philosophical approach to audience development that is rooted in service to the content, the advertiser, but above all, the consumer experience. Additionally, both firmly believe that audience development is the solution for the many challenges that are facing media companies. Their approach is strategic and methodical with a relentless dedication to understanding the stories that emerge from the data.

Twenty-First Digital is excited to be working with media companies across the country to raise the bar in audience development and keep pace with the major brands that are rapidly changing the consumer expectation. Never before has audience development and reader revenue been so relevant and important in the publishing space, and for good reason. The path to continued profitability comes from knowing, understanding, and serving your most valuable asset—your audience.


Contact: Melissa Chowning