Introducing Digiday Magazine: Year in Preview 2018


We are wrapping up the year by wrapping up the eighth issue of Digiday magazine, which is part of our premium membership program Digiday+. In this issue, we take a look at the big ideas that we believe will shape media and marketing in the year ahead.

If there was one dominant theme of 2017, it was the questioning of many of the rosy premises of the shift to digital media. Lawmakers started to hold the tech giants accountable for allowing extremists and foreign entities to use their platforms for ill. Publishers began to stand up to the platforms’ dominance over the distribution and monetization of content, pulling back from putting their editorial content on those platforms. Marketers called for a draining of the swamp that is digital advertising, with all its fraud, bots and measurement problems. And in media, marketing and tech along with countless other industries, tolerance for sexual harassment is coming to an overdue end.

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