2017 National City and Regional Magazine Awards Finalists

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Magazine professionals from around the country chose 170 finalists representing 33 publications in the 32-year-old City and Regional Magazine Association’s national awards competition. Magazines of varying circulations competed in 34 categories, including editorial, design, online, multiplatform storytelling and general excellence. Judges named five finalists in each category and will soon choose one ultimate winner in each. The winners for work completed in 2016 will be announced at the CRMA’s 41st Annual Conference to take place May 20-22, 2017 at the Hilton Americas-Houston in Houston, Texas.

Topping the list with double-digit nominations were 5280 (Denver), Atlanta Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine and Texas Monthly. Magazines with five or more nominations include Baltimore Magazine, Boston Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly, Portland Monthly, Seattle Met and St. Louis Magazine.

Austin Monthly, Cincinnati Magazine, D Magazine, Honolulu Magazine, MPLS St. Paul Magazine and Yankee Magazine each received four nominations, while Palm Springs Life, Sonoma Magazine and Washingtonian received three each. Five magazines received two nominations: Charlotte Magazine, Columbus Monthly, Down East: The Magazine of Maine, Madison Magazine and Sactown Magazine. Cleveland Magazine, Houstonia Magazine, Main Line Today, Our State, Pittsburgh Magazine, San Antonio Magazine and Sarasota Magazine received one nomination.

This year’s editorial nominees covered topics such as:

  • A city’s indifference to addressing frequent building collapses
  • The decision-making aboard a ship that sailed into a hurricane and sank
  • The intersection of rap music culture and violence in gangs
  • Lifesaving instruction on avoiding fatal errors in the great outdoors
  • A researcher’s persistence in developing a breakthrough cancer treatment
  • Race relations on a half-white, half-black high school football team
  • A gay man recovering from conversion therapy

Other contenders focused on explaining an uptick in shark attacks, the unraveling of a child’s medical mystery, and the evolving public life of the man who shot Ronald Reagan.

More than 100 judges selected the finalists. They included representatives from publications such as AARP the MagazineAdvertising Age, Audubon, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Gardens, Diabetic Living, Discover Magazine, Eater, ELLE, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN The MagazineEsquire, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Family Circle, Fast Company, Food Network Magazine, HDTV Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Houston Press, Marie Claire, Men’s HealthMidwest Living, Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Modern Farmer, National Geographic, Outdoor Life, Oxford American, OUT, Popular Mechanics, Reminisce Magazine, Runner’s World, Saveur, Southern Living, Successful Farming, Sunset, Time, Village Voice Media, the Washington Post and Women’s Health, as well as journalism professors from the Missouri School of Journalism.

The competition is open to members of CRMA and other city and regional magazines throughout North America that qualify. The national competition has been in existence for 32 years and has been coordinated by the University of Missouri School of Journalism on behalf of CRMA for the past 21 years.

The categories and finalists are:


  • Chicago Magazine, “Dispatches From the Rap Wars” (Forrest Stuart)
  • Chicago Magazine, “Three Years of Nights” (Peter Nickeas)
  • Indianapolis Monthly, “The Wonder Years” (Alicia Garceau)
  • Philadelphia Magazine, “Meanwhile, in Trump Country” (Holly Otterbein)
  • Sactown Magazine, “The Brutalist Truth” (Rob Turner)

Food or Dining Writing

Boston Magazine (Jolyon Helterman)

  • “Doretta Taverna & Raw Bar”
  • “Yvonne’s”
  • “SRV”

Chicago Magazine, (Jeff Ruby)

  • “Keeping It Weird”
  • “From On High”
  • “Age of Alinea”

Indianapolis Monthly, (Julia Spalding)

  • “Posh Spice”
  • “Now Trending”
  • “Raised Well”

Portland Monthly, (Karen Brooks)

  • “High Chairs & Hard Core”
  • “The X-Files”
  • “Isn’t She Lovely”

Yankee Magazine, (Amy Traverso)

  • “Amaral’s Fish & Chips”
  • “Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough”
  • “Flo’s Hot Dogs”


D Magazine, (Eric Celeste)

  • “Fixer Upper”
  • “The Resume is Coming From Inside the Building!”
  • “Who Would Vote Against This?”

Philadelphia Magazine, (Richard Rys)

  • “Pitch Perfect”
  • “Boooooooo!”
  • “Joltin’ Joey’s Big Win”

Philadelphia Magazine, (Liz Spikol)

  • “Natural Wonder”
  • “State of Confusion”
  • “Girlhood, Interrupted”

Texas Monthly, (Michael Agresta)

  • “Wards Matter”
  • “Miracle in the Desert”
  • “Border Crossings”

Texas Monthly, (Sterry Butcher)

  • “Toast of the Town”
  • “Something in the Air”
  • “Let Fly the Loop”


  • Boston Magazine, “A Final Appeal” (Gus Garcia-Roberts)
  • Philadelphia Magazine, “This Was No Accident” (Steve Volk)
  • St. Louis Magazine, “Manifest Injustice” (Jeannette Cooperman)
  • Texas Monthly, “When the River Rises” (Jamie Thompson)
  • Yankee Magazine, “A Fatal Mistake” (Rachel Slade)

Profile (Circulation less than 60,000)

  • Columbus Monthly, “Life is Incredible. The Good and the Bad.” (Suzanne Goldsmith)
  • Indianapolis Monthly, “Where the Sidewalk Ends” (Daniel S. Comiskey)
  • Seattle Met, “A Son Rises in the West” (Matthew Halverson)
  • Seattle Met, “Katie Rose on Top of the World” (Kade Krichko)
  • St. Louis Magazine, “The Mission” (Jeanette Cooperman)

Profile (Circulation more than 60,000)

  • Boston Magazine, “The World v. Alan Dershowitz” (Simon Van Zuylen-Wood)
  • Chicago Magazine, “Can Jerryon Stevens Be Saved?” (Elly Fishman)
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “Who is the Real Eric Garcetti?” (Gabriel Kahn)
  • Texas Monthly, “The Iconoclast” (Eric Benson)
  • Texas Monthly, “The Minor Regional Novelist” (Skip Hollandsworth)

Feature Story (Circulation less than 60,000)

  • Charlotte Magazine, “Mustang Green” (Michael Graff)
  • Honolulu Magazine, “Shark!” (Don Wallace)
  • Indianapolis Monthly, “The Unblinding” (Adam Wren)
  • Portland Monthly, “The Battle of ‘86” (Brent Walth)
  • St. Louis Magazine, “The Cure” (Jeannette Cooperman)

Feature Story (Circulation more than 60,000)

  • Chicago Magazine, “An American Tragedy” (Bryan Smith)
  • Philadelphia Magazine, “What are the Chances?” (Sandy Hingston)
  • Texas Monthly, “The Reckoning” (Pamela Colloff)
  • Texas Monthly, “Off Course” (Stephen Harrigan)
  • Washingtonian, “John Hinckley, Now” (Eddie Dean)

Writer of the Year

  • Boston Magazine, Simon Van Zuylen-Wood
  • Chicago Magazine, Bryan Smith
  • Philadelphia Magazine, Holly Otterbein
  • St. Louis Magazine, Jeannette Cooperman
  • Texas Monthly, Katy Vine

Excellence in Writing

  • 5280 (Denver), August
  • Boston Magazine, December
  • Chicago Magazine, June
  • Los Angeles Magazine, December
  • Philadelphia Magazine, June

Spread Design (Circulation less than 60,000)

  • Austin Monthly, “Collective Soul”
  • Baltimore Magazine, “A Wonderful Dream”
  • Baltimore Magazine, “Magic Surrounds Her”
  • Honolulu Magazine, “Into the Woods”
  • Main Line Today, “A Reconciliation”

Spread Design (Circulation more than 60,000)

  • Atlanta Magazine, “Basso Profundo”
  • Atlanta Magazine, “No Accident”
  • Boston Magazine, “The Biggest Little Man in Boston”
  • Chicago Magazine, “The Reckoning of Marc Winner”
  • Texas Monthly, “The Reckoning”

Feature Design (Circulation less than 60,000)

  • Austin Monthly, “Loaded”
  • Baltimore Magazine, “Happy Trails”
  • Honolulu Magazine, “The End of Sugar”
  • Palm Springs Life, “On the Road Again”
  • Portland Monthly, “Love, Portland”

Feature Design (Circulation more than 60,000)

  • Chicago Magazine, “Best New Restaurants”
  • Cincinnati Magazine, “Money”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “The Top Ten Best New Restaurants”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “Wonder Women”
  • Texas Monthly, “Objects of Our Affection”


  • Atlanta Magazine, “Meet Joe”
  • Chicago Magazine, “Convergence”
  • Chicago Magazine, “This is Rogers Park”
  • Palm Springs Life, “The Swimmer”
  • Texas Monthly, “Called to Arms”

Cover Excellence

  • Austin Monthly – August, September, November
  • Down East: The Magazine of Maine – February, August and November
  • Los Angeles Magazine – January, August, October
  • Sonoma Magazine – January/February, May/June, September/October
  • Texas Monthly – April, July, August

Designer of the Year

  • Atlanta Magazine, Kristin Kellogg
  • Atlanta Magazin, Liz Noftle
  • Cincinnati Magazine, Megan Scherer
  • Texas Monthly, Emily Kimbro
  • Texas Monthly, Victoria Millner

Excellence in Design

  • 5280 (Denver), October
  • Chicago Magazine, October
  • Cincinnati Magazine, December
  • Palm Springs Life, September
  • Texas Monthly, August

Magazine Section

  • 5280 (Denver), “Compass, Culture, Adventure and E & D” (July & August)
  • Atlanta Magazine, “The Goods” (September & October)
  • Cincinnati Magazine, “Frontlines” (August & September)
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “Buzz” (August & September)
  • Seattle Met, “Mudroom” (November & December)

Reader Service

  • 5280 (Denver), “The Art of Buying Art”
  • 5280 (Denver), “Survival of the Fittest”
  • Boston Magazine, “How to Live Forever”
  • Philadelphia Magazine, “Can’t Sleep?”
  • Portland Monthly, “The Portland Culture Cheat Sheet”

Leisure/Lifestyle Interests

  • 5280 (Denver), “Green Acres”
  • 5280 (Denver), “The Joy of Cycling”
  • Chicago Magazine, “For the Love of Pets”
  • Sactown Magazine, “Choose Your Own Adventure”
  • Yankee Magazine, “A Guide to Simple Living”

Food or Dining Feature Package

  • Down East: The Magazine of Maine, “The Definitive Oral History of the Lobster Roll”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “The Sweet Life: L.A.’s Best Desserts”
  • MPLS. St. Paul Magazine, “The South of the North”
  • Texas Monthly, “Knives Out”
  • Texas Monthly, “The 50 Greatest Burgers in Texas”

Civic Journalism

  • 5280 (Denver), “Our Children, Ourselves” (Natasha Gardner)
  • 5280 (Denver), “Still Life” (Chris Outcalt)
  • Cleveland Magazine, “The Lost Ones” (James Bigley II)
  • Madison Magazine, “Out of the Shadows” (Maggie Ginsberg)
  • Texas Monthly, “False Impressions” (Michael Hall)

Special Issue

  • Indianapolis Monthly, “Bicentennial Issue”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “The Immigration Issue”
  • MPLS. St. Paul Magazine, “The Prince Issue”
  • Portland Monthly, “The Outdoors Issue”
  • Texas Monthly, “The Guns Issue”

Ancillary: Home/Shelter

  • 5280 (Denver), Home (December)
  • Atlanta Magazine, Home (Winter)
  • Atlanta Magazine, Home (Fall)
  • MPLS. St. Paul Magazine, Home & Design 100 (October)
  • Portland Monthly, Design Annual

Ancillary: Weddings

  • D Magazine, Weddings (Fall)
  • Philadelphia Magazine, Wedding (Fall/Winter)
  • Portland Monthly, Bride & Groom (Summer/Fall)
  • Seattle Met, Bride & Groom (Summer/Fall)
  • Washingtonian, Bride & Groom (Summer/Fall)

Ancillary: General Interest

  • 5280 (Denver), Health (January)
  • Atlanta Magazine, Southbound (Fall/Winter)
  • Atlanta Magazine, Style Book
  • D Magazine, CEO (September)
  • Philadelphia Magazine, Be Well Philly

Excellence Online

  • Boston Magazine – bostonmagazine.com
  • Chicago Magazine – chicagomag.com
  • Houstonia Magazine – houstoniamag.com
  • MPLS. St. Paul Magazine – mspmag.com
  • Philadelphia Magazine – phillymag.com

Online Column

  • D Magazine, “FrontBurner” (Peter Simek)
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “Josh Scherer Column”
  • Pittsburgh Magazine, “After Dark” (Sean Collier)
  • Seattle Met, “Nosh Pit” (Allecia Vermillion)
  • Yankee Magazine, “The Farmer’s Life” (Julia Shipley)


  • 5280 (Denver), Table Talk
  • Boston Magazine, The Feed
  • Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Daily
  • Sonoma Magazine, Cork + Fork
  • St. Louis Magazine, On the Burner

Multiplatform Storytelling

  • Baltimore Magazine, The Multi-Modal City
  • Baltimore Magazine, Watch This Space
  • Chicago Magazine, Chicagoans of the Year
  • Honolulu Magazine, Kamaka Looks Forward
  • Our State, A Long Way to the Sea

General Excellence 1

  • Columbus Monthly
  • Madison Magazine
  • San Antonio Magazine
  • Sarasota Magazine
  • Sonoma Magazine

General Excellence 2

  • Austin Monthly
  • Charlotte Magazine
  • Indianapolis Monthly
  • Portland Monthly
  • Seattle Met

General Excellence 3

  • 5280 (Denver)
  • Los Angeles Magazine
  • Philadelphia Magazine
  • Texas Monthly
  • Washingtonian

For more information, contact Contest Coordinator Kimberly Townlain, University of Missouri, 320 Lee Hills Hall, Columbia, MO 65211 (573-884-1869) or CRMA Executive Director Cate Sanderson, 287 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-515-9294).